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The 21st Century Will Be An Apostolic Century

I prophesy that the Coronavirus Pandemic will be overcome, and the Church as we know it, and all nations will be awakened to righteousness and discipled, including the Arabs, Iran, and Israel!

As a result, the 21st Century will be an apostolic century, just like the first century! Just as the apostles and New Covenant saints of the first apostolic century overcame the Red Dragon, the Roman beast and Nero (the little horn), the Chief Priests and elders (I. e. the false prophet), the Harlot City of Jerusalem, and succeeded in gathering the remnant of Israel (Romans 11:7) and the first fruits of the Gentile nations and establishing the New Covenant Israel, so also the Church that Jesus is building will overcome and possess the gates of our enemies. The Lord’s Holy Apostolic Church (the Church of Jesus Christ, the Chief Apostle, and the 12 apostles of the Lamb and His ascension-gift apostles will ultimately succeed in its apostolic mandate (Matthew 28:19-20 and Ephesians 4:7-16) and Kingdom mission to conquer the devil’s kingdom, possess the gates of the enemy (Matthew 16:19, cities and nations), and fill the whole earth with God’s glory (Isaiah 2:1-4, Isaiah 9:6-7, and Matthew 6: 10) Kingdom civilization, the life and culture of heaven! What this means practically: 1. The Church of Jesus Christ will be revived and the nations will be awakened to God’s righteousness. 2. The foundations that Jesus of Nazareth and His original apostles of the Lamb and first ascension-gift apostles laid in the beginning will be restored. 3. The independent and denominationally-divided churches that currently make up today’s Church will be re-ordered governmentally and structurally, and re-formed as One Holy Nation, the Israel of the Spirit and the Word of the Kingdom. 4. As a result, all the nations of the earth will be disciplined by the Holy Spirit, the Word of the King, and the righteous judgements of God’s Christ, and thereby will be brought under the heavenly government of Jesus Christ, God’s Anointed King/Priest. This includes China, Iran, the Arab nations, and Israel, and there will be peace on earth. This is the heavenly vision that God gave to the prophets of Israel of Messiah’s Day (i.e. what David called the day of Christ’s power, Psalm 110:1-5, Psalm 22:27-28, Isaiah 2:1-4, Daniel 7:13-14, Matthew 28:19-20, Ephesians 4:7-16).

Sadly, in many ways today’s Christians are like the generation of Israelites in Joshua’s day who had not been circumcised or properly initiated into the covenant of the Lord and who wandered in the wilderness, going around the same mountain in circles.  Today’s Christians have been born in the sub-normality of the wilderness wanderings of the modern Church’s doctrinal confusion and denominational divisions, and as a result, have never been part of the One Holy Apostolic Church that Jesus Christ, the Chief Apostle, and His 12 apostles of the Lamb and the first ascension-gift apostles established in the beginning.

Today, is a day in which we must rediscover authentic Apostolic Christianity, the Christianity that Jesus Christ founded in the beginning and on the basis of the foundation that Jesus and His original apostles established we must reform ourselves so that we can truly function in the earth as One Church, One Holy Nation, the Israel of the Spirit of the living God and fulfill our high calling and Kingdom destiny in the Lord.

This is what the Spirit is saying to the Churches today.

Note 1: I have prophesied this out of my heavenly calling and more than 48 years of ministry as a prophet to the nations. And also out of my governmental office as an apostle of Jesus Christ, I also decree that it shall be so.

Note 2: I ask our GKI Subscribers, Facebook friends, and ministry partners to help get this prophesy out to the nations. Please share this prophesy with your Facebook and Twitter friends and help us to get this word of prophesy to go viral!

Note 3: I believe that this is a true prophesy for the 21st Century. It is based upon the covenants of promise that God made to the fathers of Israel about the Messiah and Messiah’s Day. It is also based on the vision of Christ’s Messianic Kingdom that the Lord God gave to the ancient prophets of Israel regarding the coming of the Messiah and Messiah’s Day. It is also based upon the testimony or faith of Jesus and His original apostles, the message of hope for the salvation of the nations of authentic Apostolic Christianity!  The Present Administration of Kingdom of God (the Administration of the Lord Jesus Christ) is the ULTIMATE ANTIDOTE to the Coronavirus. Note Number 4:  The illustration I have chosen of the New Jerusalem Coming Down From God Out of Heaven is based upon the vision that Jesus gave to John in Revelation 21:2 and 10 of the New Jerusalem, i.e. Zion above or the Lord’s Church, which has been founded in heaven upon Jesus Christ, who is the Chief Cornerstone and also upon His original apostles of the Lamb, and which is now in the process of coming down from God out of heaven to fill the whole earth with the glory of God and Kingdom Civilization (the life and culture of heaven).

In Revelation 21:5 the Lord Jesus declares to John that He is now sitting on the throne of God and is in the process of making all things new! I believe that He will succeed in His Kingdom mandate. And in Revelation 22:1-5, John sees this New Covenant Jerusalem, the Lord’s Church, prophetically pictured as the garden of Eden or Paradise restored (the fulfillment of Isaiah 51:3) and out of the midst of it is flowing the river of God (the life of the blessed Holy Spirit, John 7:38) and that river is in the process of transforming the whole world and changing the barren wilderness into paradise, thus making all things new.

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