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To build up and encourage one another in the Faith once delivered to the saints, and to find a place of common fellowship (to restore the Apostolate) in the ministerial and governmental responsibilities of Apostles and Elders together, we require the following for establishing covenant with one another in this common calling:

  1. Read and accept as guiding and defining our communion The Constitution of The Communion of Apostles and Churches, which is a working document (Scripture is the final authority and the basis for our faith and practice. The Constitution is our best understanding of the essentials of Authentic Christianity).  We are open to improvement in understanding and practice as found in Scripture, where we find the Word and Spirit agree.  Commit yourself to understand and faithfully steward the revelation of the Doctrines of Christ and His Apostles, “the Keys of the Kingdom.”

  2. Agree with the Resolution of our purpose, found after reading the “About” section (It is necessary to first read the “About” section prior to reading and agreeing to the Resolution of our purpose).

  3. Pledge to voluntary submit and participate in your related geographic council meetings according to your sphere of ministry and governance, for the purpose as stated in the introductory paragraph above.

  4. Pledge to voluntary give (Spirit-led and scripturally based) financially (tithes as related to governance and offerings as related to extended campaigns and ministries) towards fulfilling the Apostolic mandates and missions assigned to the CAC from the Lord Jesus, the Chief Apostle.

  5. Pledge to participate in the Apostolic mandates and missions with the purpose of discipling nations, according to your geographical sphere of ministry and governance.

  6. Pledge to bring into this Communion your ministry and governmental sphere.  This is NOT a process of building a denomination, but rather to submit ourselves to the Chief Apostle the Lord Jesus Christ, to recover and restore the foundations that he laid at the beginning, and to reform ourselves and our ministries and churches accordingly. 

  7. Pledge to remain in good standing, with continual participation with finances, participation in geographical council and apostolic mandates. 

Please Note:  This Communion does not claim that we are “it,” or that we have arrived at full stature, but acknowledge that we are following the Lord Jesus and seeking to do His will in everything.

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