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Definition of The Communion of Apostolic Churches:

The Communion of Apostolic Churches (Name to be changed to Communion of Apostles and Churches) is not a “man-made” denomination that has been organized by men to further advance their own ministries and agendas and further divide an already denominationally-divided Church.  Instead it is a “fellowship” or global “communion” of apostles and the five-fold ministers and churches that they give governmental headship to and represent that the Lord Jesus is in the process of raising up today to provide an “alternative wineskin” for the wine of the Holy Spirit and the people of the Messiah’s Kingdom.

(In terms of the New Testament Canon, please understand the Greek word “koinonia” as “an apostolic or Kingdom partnership in the Lord”).

1. It is a worldwide “net” or “network” of apostles and their respective networks or jurisdictions of five-fold ministers and churches that are joined together covenantally, organically or relationally, and functionally in the Lord and in the New Covenant as “one Holy Apostolic Church” (i.e. a global fellowship or communion of apostolic jurisdictions and ministry spheres—one Church, made up of many allotments or churches, properly connected in the Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit,  and the body and blood of the Lord Jesus).

2. This global “fellowship,” (i.e. brotherhood, partnership, or communion) of apostles and ruling elders and their governmental spheres necessitates and therefore requires mutual recognition of one another, faithfully walking in plurality and counsel (i.e. the formation of apostolic companies and geographic councils), whole-hearted and consistent cooperation and partnership, as well as, voluntary submission and governmental accountability on the part of the apostles and elders (i.e. the ruling pastors or overseers) who are the recognized spiritual heads or fathers of these governmental spheres. All of this must be motivated or energized by the Holy Spirit and done for the sake of the Lord Jesus, who is the Chief Apostle and Head of the Holy Apostolic Church, and for the sake of the larger work of the kingdom of God, and for the sake of the functional, organic, and relational unity of the Lord’s Church in every locality region, nation, and globally throughout the earth.

3. The term “apostolic” is used by the members of the CAC as an “adjective” to describe that which relates or pertains to the Lord Jesus, the Chief Apostle and High priest of the New Covenant Administration of the Kingdom of heaven,  the original Apostles of the Lamb, and the first ascension-gift apostles of the Lord Jesus, which has been providentially preserved for God’s people today in the Canon of the New Testament.

4. While Church councils and creeds have been helpful at times in dealing with various doctrinal issues, heresies, party splits and divisions throughout Church history, councils have also erred; therefore, we understand and hold the Canon of both the Old and New Testament Scriptures as the only true or Apostolic standard, measure, or rule of faith and practice for the Church of Jesus Christ.

5. We further believe that the promises that God made to the patriarchs or fathers of Israel, and the prophetic message or vision that God entrusted to the prophets of Israel regarding the coming of Messiah and the establishment of Messiah’s Day that have been preserved for us by the Holy Spirit and the providence of God in the Canon of Old Testament have been revealed and fulfilled in Jesus Christ, His Messianic Kingdom, and His Holy Apostolic Church. We also believe that the Canon of the New Testament contains an accurate, historical account, or the witness or testimony of the Lord’s apostles, and therefore, it is the objective standard of the faith of Jesus or the “enscripturated” record of the revelation of the divine mysteries of Christ, His Kingdom, and his Church that Jesus Christ, the Chief Apostle entrusted to His original apostles.

6. Thus the CAC global is whole-heartedly committed to the recovery or restoration of the faith (doctrine) and practice (the apostolic rule and methods) of those original apostles who laid the foundations in the first century for Christ’s Messianic Kingdom and for His Holy Apostolic Church and reforming ourselves, as well as, the ministers and churches that we oversee and represent in council.

7. We are also committed to working together as partners to disciple all nations by raising up and multiplying apostolic companies that 1) preach or herald the authentic Gospel of the Kingdom proclaimed by Jesus and His original apostles in the beginning, 2) baptize those who receive the Gospel into Jesus Christ and impart to them with the laying on of hands the gift of the Holy Spirit, 3) teach them to obey everything that Jesus commanded the original apostles, 4) establish authentic covenant communities or churches in every locality or place, and 5) raise up geographic councils locally, regionally, nationally, globally, 6) conquer the Devil’s Kingdom, 7) fill the earth with the glory of God (Kingdom civilization or the life and culture of heaven.

The CAC’s Resolutions and Constitution:

Constitution: Text
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